blackbear freight elevator used in today’s international elevator industry the most advanced manufacturing technology, with outstanding energy-saving features, transport capacity of the precise leveling layer, high efficiency, safe and reliable shaft arrangement, and on the design fully consider the customer demand, with high cost performance.

jd-h001:the car roof: coating steel plate; its walls: coating steel plate; control box: hair grain stainless steel; floor: plate

perfect union

blackbear freight elevator adopts gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine drive technology, high efficiency, torque, energy saving effect is remarkable, has the outstanding advantages such as steady operation and low noise. vector closed-loop control technology can fully meet the demand of dynamic adjustment, the elevator operates smoothly and accurately.

digital open closed system

blackbear freight elevator adopts frequency conversion variable pressure automatic door machine, door machine dedicated inverter has the self learning, digital control and the protection of the closing force limiter by microcomputer testing current way of the crane, can adjust according to customer needs.

infrared light protection system

infrared light curtain protection system in the car door height, equipped with induction high sensitivity infrared light curtain protection system, make personnel and goods in and out of the car more secure.

kyoto elevator medical elevator adopts mature control technology, energy conservation and environmental protection of gearless permanent magnet synchronous system, are designed to maximize meet the requirement of hospital for special use, and build a caring for the patient, comfortable space, create a peaceful and harmonious hospital scientific environment, fully build a quiet elegant atmosphere, add rehabilitation for patients with more confidence.
32-bit double cpu master-slave cpu monitor each other, more can improve the data processing speed; set in the system high intelligent microcomputer module, implementation of elevator running the most safe, accurate and efficient management control.
have automatic collection function, can realize/inorganic manipulation, another car ad hoc closed “delay” button on the operation box, closed its delay time can be adjusted according to the need, in the field, very personalized settings.
using high resolution programming technology, makes the elevator flat layer accuracy reached 5 mm or less orders of magnitude.

jd-y001:its top: hair grain stainless steel; the car wall: hair grain stainless steel; armrest: stainless steel round armrest; control box: hair grain stainless steel; floor: pvc plastic floor