blackbear elevator inheritance since taiwan cheng adai international group on lifting project superior strength, adopt international advanced manufacturing technology, has a delicate structure, excellent cascade, delicate hand strap, elegant appearance, stable operation, etc, to passengers, bright beautiful, comfortable new, let you appreciate the charisma and luxury of modern architecture style.

exquisite quality excellence achievement

reduce the vibration and noise, sidewalk operation, make the operation more smooth peace.
optimization design of truss structure has strong load capacity, improve overall stability.
reduce the friction loss, reduce power consumption, save electric energy saving products.
can flexibly meet the demand of both commercial and public transportation.

real-time fault diagnosis & monitor

adoption of advanced safety circuit board for speeding, loss of cascade, escalator escalators reversal, handrail belt speed real-time fault monitoring safety protection devices, such as to ensure passenger safety.

direction of voice alarm

if the passengers from the opposite direction into the escalator, escalators will send out alarm, prompt passengers to the correct direction of ladder, prevent inadvertently accident.

skirtde flector

escalator standard apron nip brush, in ensuring that avoid the passengers into the skirt plate clearance on the hands and feet with, and reveal beautiful fashion.

human nature to enjoy meticulous care achievement

  • high strength handrails guardrail:comply with the principle of human body engineering high strength rail fence, has high use safety, new fixtures, enhanced safety glass guardrail has strong stability.