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Get the “YES!”- 3 Simple Ways to Use Your Intuition to Tune in, Hear What Your Client is Saying and Make a Heart Connection !

"THIS is the sales strategy you haven’t tried yet, that always works!"

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Tip #1

How to use your intuition to tune into exactly what your prospect needs to hear from you so you know exactly how to present your solution!


Tip #2

How to know in advance what people are saying so you can answer them with power and confidence!


Tip #3

The simple way to form a heart connection with your clients’ emotions and desires so they instantly feel inspired withn your presence!

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Dr. Ida holds a Ph.D., is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker, Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner Energetic Healing, Author of 23 Best Selling books, ordained Minister, and Registered Nurse. She combines her many years of training, skills, and talents to help you achieve your personal and professional success.  

When you want results along with enjoyment, look to Dr. Ida to lift you out of your ordinary daily happenings, to experience renewed energy, enthusiasm, and inner joy, on your journey to self-love when you activate your Intuition. Dr. Ida, Intuitive Life Coach offer individual Coaching and Intuition Group Coaching Programs to fit your unique needs.