Would You Like to Trust Your Intuition and
Gain a More Abundant, Successful Way of Life?

  • Have you ever felt confused about your purpose in life?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your soul, your intuition or who you really are?
  • Are you struggling with dis-empowering beliefs regarding sales or money?
  • Do your negative thoughts keep you from connecting with others to make more sales?
  • Are you short on cash just a little more than you like?

Introducing  . . . Intuition Magic -- An 8 Week Group Coaching Program
Learn How to
Use Your Intuition To Have More Clients, Sales, and Cash Flow

Dr. Ida Greene, Sales Psychic

Through coaching many clients and my own personal transformation with my intuition, I have discovered what works. I have broken it down into a simple step-by-step system which contains my best tools and secrets to help you create the life and happiness you want and deserve. Past students have seen results in just a few weeks!

This life-changing eight week online course will give you the tools and wisdom you need to:

  • Discover who you really are and reconnect with your Divine Self.
  • Connect with your soul, intuition, to get clear on your purpose in life.
  • Free yourself from fear, worry, and dis-empowering beliefs.
  • Have a calm demeanor that allows others to relax in your presence.
  • Love yourself, others, and build your confidence.

After my consultation, I was convinced that what she shared came from the Divine.I have been working with Dr. Ida Greene for a while now. After shutting off my intuition years ago, I felt as if I had lost my gifts for ever. But, within the first week of working with Dr. Ida, I had regained most of what I had lost. The work I have done with Dr. Ida allows me to work on a much deeper levels with my clients and even guides me in finding new clients.  I am learning to trust my Intuition as a tool in all areas of my business. I am truly grateful for her insight and guidance and I plan on continuing to deepen my learnings with her in the future.

- Becky Hess

Here's What You Will Learn


Inner Spirit, Divine Self & Personal Power

  • Find out who you REALLY are. Connect with your Divine Intuitive Self.
  • Discover how to connect with the powerful, perfect, wise part of you.
  • Learn the essential tools to connect with your inner wisdom and Higher Self.
  • How to stop the chatter in your mind to focus, concentrate and connect with others.
  • Why it is to your advantage to awaken your intuition and use it to serve yourself and the people you meet on a daily basis.
  • Find out the secrets to harnessing your personal power.


How to Calm the Mind and Body

  • How to notice what you are Seeing, Feeling, and Hearing.
  • Find out how to identify your inner Divine Power and connect with it.
  • How to use the power of your breath to calm and relax you.
  • How to “Go Into the Silence” to relax you to be calm and peaceful around others.
  • The practice of Right Breathing to still the body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn how to use Affirmation with your Breathing to calm the mind and body.


How to Focus Concentrate & Check the Energy of Others

  • Discover how your beliefs and thoughts can affect others.
  • Learn to check into the energy of others.
  • Notice how others walk, talk and act in your presence.
  • How to ‘Go Into the Silence” to make a deliberate connection with someone.
  • Notice your fears, anxieties, and body sensations when speaking with others.


 Inspired Action, Universe Magic & Intuition

  • How to practice Meditation 10 to 20 minutes each day.
  • Learn how to tap into your fears and anxieties to create a calm presence with others..
  • Become a master of inspired action and achieve more with less effort.
  • Co-creating with the Universe. Everything you ever wanted to know.
  • How to Scan the Energy field of others.


Use Your Intuition to Notice Limiting Beliefs That Stop You

  • Discover the secret to manifesting and living your dreams today.
  • Your complete life and environment upgrade plan.
  • The Be Do Have paradigm. Become exactly who you want to be. Starting now.
  • The life-changing secret about happiness that few people know.


Use Your Intuition to Be Free from Fear, Live in Love and Peace

  • Understand your fear, where it comes from and what to do about it.
  • Your new powerful toolkit for deactivating fear and anxiety when they grip you.
  • Learn how to use your intuition to get on an upward spiral in life.
  • Work with your intuition to be led by Spirit, love and joy to your ideal clients and riches.


Use Your Intuition to Make Heartfelt Connections with Others, Your Ideal Clients

  • Why you are missing out on your life. How to make heart felt connections.
  • Learn how to live in the present and slow down time.
  • Retake the Intuition Quiz to see the growth of your intuition
  • Tools and exercises to rewire your brain for more joy, happiness and fulfillment.


How to Keep Your Aura & Energy Field Aglow

  • Discover how to listen to your intuition for answers and guidance.
  • Check in daily to notice what you are Seeing, Feeling and hearing.
  • Scan the Energy field of those in your group and give them a message.
  • How to master gratitude and enjoy each and every day.
  • Your next step action plan.


You Are Worthy of This Life Transformation!

Learn how to use your intuition to grow, develop yourself to get more clients, and make more money.  So let’s start on this journey together.

Save $800 and Join the "Intuition Magic" Program Today for Only $197

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